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HappyHusks - About Us


We are Naz and Madel. Husband and wife, and founders of HappyHusks. We met while working in Singapore, nearly a decade ago now (wow, that long already). We spent most of our lives in the corporate world working with some of the worlds largest companies in Finance, Supply Chain, Retail and Construction. 

We had always been conscious of our consumption in general, not just plastic; and things took a greater turn when our little one was born. The question of "what kind of world will we leave for him?" became even more real.

Having a newborn, there was a lot of washing up going on and during one of those many washing sessions, holding that green topped plastic sponge, there was that "eureka" moment.

We felt plastic dishwashing sponges were one of those necessary evils that everyone needed at home, and we weren’t comfortable with that.

When trying to find alternatives we realised a lot of “eco-sponges” advertised as using natural fibres were in-fact blended with recycled polyester.

There started our journey to create something 100% plastic-free, natural and affordable.14 months and multiple prototypes later we got the final version we could be proud of. And here we are, a mum & dad business offering the chance of "guilt free cleaning made easy"