Are these plastic-free?
YES! Our sponges are completely plastic free. They are made of ethically sourced coconut fibre and natural cellulose.

Do you use any chemicals?
NO. The sponges are completely chemical free, not even any synthetic glue. 

Where are they made? 
Our coconut based sponges are made in India by a small team of women that have been shunned by their families. This provides them an income, safety and security. 

The Cellulose Sponges are 100% UK Made. 

What about your packaging?
Even though all our packaging is completely kerbside recyclable, we only use the bare minimum. Just because it's recyclable doesn't mean we should over-package products. We also don't use any plastic in our packaging.

What about bulk / multiple orders?
We don't only want to reduce unnecessary packaging, but we also want to reduce our carbon footprint. This is why when we have multiple orders from the same customer, we will combine these into larger boxes. If you'd still prefer individual packages (in case of gifts etc.) then please let us know and we'll send them out separately. 

Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to the UK. However, if you are unable to purchase online then please use the form on the contact us page or email and we can provide a shipping quote. 

What are your delivery charges?
We provide free UK delivery on all orders with no minimum order. 

Can I be a reseller?
YES! If you have a store (online or brick & mortar) and would like to stock our products then please get in touch using the form on our contact us page or email